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I don't know how to sticky this, but I feel compelled to formally announce my friends-only-ness. I pretty much don't feel comfortable even posting that which is benign and banal in public anymore, so... yeah.

You have to scroll pretty far back to find a not locked entry anyway, but I wanted to go ahead and make it official.

ETA Apparently, by "pretty far back" I mean, like, one month. You can't expect someone who is prone to making proclamations like this to not also be prone to exaggeration, though.

Dinner for two

The gourmet grocery store where I used to work has a catering program, "Dinner for you." For a fee which now seems reasonable but only recently would have been completely inaccessible, I can pick up two sets of five delicious dinners for my re-heating convenience for the week going forward.

Part of me says, "thank God." In the last four months, I have lost every spare ounce of the energy and the will-to-create required to cook a nice dinner every evening. It's not just the job. (Though the job! Lords, the job.) John is sick. Like really, horribly, still on leave from work sick. And we had to move his mom into assisted living. On Thanksgiving, which was a whole awful deal. And I'm tired and run ragged and distracted.

But part of me (the smallest, saddest part that might be the only remains of the girl I used to be) is mourning the fact that I am paying a service to do what used to be my favorite part of the day FOR ME. Because I don't have the energy to do my favorite thing.

I have money though. Whee...

At last I have money.

(John being John is excited because, "Man! All this free Tupperware!!!" I will have to discretely recycle some of the containers behind his back.)

Dec. 15th, 2010

I don't want to brag on the facebooks, where everyone can see me, but I do feel kinda pleased with myself so ...

A in Physics step in time!
A in (inclusive teaching of children with exceptionalities reduced to a two syllable word) step in time!
Never need a reason
Never need a rhyme!
Four point average step in time!

Jun. 27th, 2009

So, John and I are going to Raleigh tomorrow, and we want to eat somewhere good that we've never been.

This won't be hard because we haven't been to many places in Raleigh.

Any suggestions?

Decay Decay Decay!!!

Hey! One of my New Year's resolutions was to be less negative, so I am not going to bitch about the fact that I am sick today. A sick day and a snow day all in one week? If only I were they kind of person who liked lazing about.

Oh, that was kind of bitching. Oh boy oh boy! Um... sleep! Goodygoody!

Maybe John will make soup if I look pitiful enough.

I am well enough to clean the kitchen, so I think I'll do that.

Quick! read it before it gets deleted.

The REAL reason to vote, um, to vote for McCain. Yeah....

Sep. 29th, 2008

Matthew Brookshire is an old friend of NMtH. This is awesome.

I can see Russia from Alaska (when I look in your eyes)

Oh, and...

Is anyone going to be watching the debate on Friday night, and may I join you? I'll bring beer or chocolate depending on your preferences. I am TV free, and while I can listen to it on the radio, I'd prefer to see it too.

(Normally Retrofantasma would trump even something this important, but I am too bug-phobic to handle a screening of Creepers.)
I guess at some point I should stop pointing out the fact that I have no life when I talk about how important the N&O's comics page is to me.

It's *really* important to me. The day that is so daunting and horrible that I won't crawl out of bed to read the comics is not one that will ever come. I consider the N&O's glorious two page comic spread one of the main arguments for living in the triangle.

Every once and a while they run a poll and change the comics page according to the reader responses. It is that time again. (Aren't you excited? I am so excited!)

How do I say this in as unpathetic way as possible?

If you love me, you'll vote. Please vote. Please vote right here: . If you don't know who to vote for, why, look! I've listed *my* picks right below. It's barely any work. (And if you do have opinions of your own, I respect that. As long as you don't vote for BC or some shit like that.)

My Awesome Picks (That's right. I care so much that I don't even mind letting people know that I follow religiously a couple of heartwarming family comics.)

Baby Blues
Funky Winkerbean
Get Fuzzy
Jump Start
Pearls Before Swine
Sally Forth
Watch Your Head

(the guest strips were all pretty yawn-worthy, so I don't care who gets in. Agnes is really annoying, Scary Gary is cute, but the others aren't memorable in any way.)